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How to draw a cartoon sheep

Posted by Lee Bee Shan at 10/12/2011 11:51:00 pm
Drawing a cartoon sheep: some fun facts before starting sketching!

- Sheep usually prefer to drink running water.

- Sheep don't see very well but they have a very good sense of hearing.

- Some rodeos are allowing children to ride a sheep.

How to draw a cartoon sheep step-1 Before we learn how to draw a sheep, let's see what this cute animal looks like!

The sheep has a black head (5) with tiny ears pointing down and forward (1). The sheep produce wool (2).

The body of this animal is very often gray or white. It has very long and thin legs (4) with hoof feet (3). Let's take a closer look at the shapes of this very adorable farm animal.

How to draw a cartoon sheep step 2 The body of the sheep can be drawn using a long oval shape. The head and the ears are also made of small oval shapes.

Notice how the part near the muzzle is a little narrower.

The legs are made using small rectangles. The tick fur gives the impression that the sheep is big and a little overweight. But this is not the case!

Let's try to draw a very simple sheep using mostly circles. First, draw one circle to represent the head and another one for the body. Then, work on the outline of the body to make it look like a cloud.

Add the eyes and start working on the legs by sketching rectangles. Draw a better outline for the legs and then add details like the ears and the pupils. Add some tones of gray to complete your artwork.

How to draw a cartoon sheep step 3

Once again, you can try different styles to practice your ability to draw a perfect sheep. You can go for a very simple one (3) or one with more attitude (4).

Just remember to make a nice body (that looks like a big cloud) and to draw small ears the point down and forward (see number 3 and 4). Good luck and have fun!

How to draw a cartoon sheep step 4


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